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by Pouyan Saghatoleslami, Visit Our Iran


How Safe is Iran?

Tandoureh National Park: Visit Our Iran

Whether you’re a solo traveler or you’d like to join a group tour, no matter if you’re woman or man, traveling by road or the air, through the blessing light of the sun or the night’s pitch black, Iran is a safe country to visit. However, escalated tensions among the political powers of the US and Iran had a serious effect on how the country has been portrayed in the Western media and how perspectives have formed toward Iran as a travel destination. 

Prior to the border closure due to the coronavirus outbreak in December 2019, Iran’s tourism industry was flourishing, and Iran was increasingly seen as a popular destination among travelers from all over the world. According to the International Health Services Company (SOS) in 2019 (before the Covid-19 pandemic), Iran was as safe as countries such as the UK, France, and Germany. 

Protected areas and national parks are the best locations in Iran for a safe exploration inside the world of nature. A wildlife adventure is not only for wildlife enthusiasts. Anyone can start such a journey in order to connect to nature and its wonderful creatures. Iran’s protected areas offer rich wildlife and exceptional biodiversity to observe and enjoy. You’re safe throughout your journey inside the protected areas of Iran since wildlife experts and experienced rangers accompany you. This journey could be your first encounter with nature’s lovely wonders and the animals dwelling at its heart. 

Wildlife in the Protected Areas of Iran

Persian leopard (taken by camera trap): Visit Our Iran

Among the green densities of Golestan national park located in northern Iran, you’ll be able to find wild boars, red deer, roe deer, goitered gazelles, brown bears, and even Persian leopards. Golestan National Park presents a fantastic variety in both flora and fauna. 

Goitered gazelles: Visit Our Iran

The jagged cliffs and rocky mountains of Tandoureh National Park, located close to the border of Iran and Turkmenistan, are home to urial sheep, wild goats, and, more importantly, the largest population of Persian leopards in Iran. 

Crab Plover: Visit Our Iran

On the southern coast of Iran, Hormozgan province and its mangrove forests are the best spots for birdwatching in Iran. Hidden among the intertwined branches or walking on the seashore, you’ll observe birds such as Lichtenstein’s sandgrouse, goliath heron, great stone plover, oriental white-eye, greater and lesser sand plover, great knots, crab-plovers, Sind woodpeckers, and swift terns. 

Asiatic Cheetah: Visit Our Iran 

Other prominent species such as the highly endangered Asiatic cheetahs, of which only a few remain, jebeer gazelles, Persian onagers, sand cats, caracals, and sand foxes can be found in desert patches and steppes of Turan and Kavir National Parks in central Iran. 

Wandering in the national parks of Iran and spotting the birds or tracking the animals can be a highly memorable experience. VisitOurIran has designed eco-friendly and sustainable tours and itineraries under the supervision of wildlife conservationists in order to guarantee a safe journey for both travelers and the environment. By joining these unique wildlife tours, you can support the local communities, boost their economy, and play a role in conserving these protected areas. 

What are the Reasons to Travel to Iran?

Beyond the historical and cultural gems along the expanse of Iran, the exceptional warmth of Iranian hospitality that runs in the people’s veins has impressed all travellers. There’s no doubt that you would be invited to many Iranian homes to share their food and happiness when traveling in Iran. Even when shopping or wandering at the traditional bazaars in any of the cities, there’s a high chance for you to be invited to have a cup of tea at a store. This Persian hospitality is one of the greatest heritages of ancient Persian culture. 

Iranian cuisine: Visit Our Iran

The wonders of Iranian cuisine are just another strong reason to travel in Iran and taste the lovely flavors of Saffron, pomegranate, and pistachio in Iranian dishes. The pleasant aroma of Persian tea and rice, as well as the unique recipes of Ghorme Sabzi, Mirza Ghasemi, and Dizi, will enchant you.

Persepolis: Visit Our Iran

Traveling through Iran, you can witness the changes brought by the passage of time from almost 2500 years ago until today. From Persepolis in Shiraz to the Golestan Palace in Tehran, the tales of history are written over mansions, buildings, and monuments all over the country. Iranian architecture and its development is another emblem of history and culture in mosques, historical houses, and traditional bazaars. Being an amazingly cheap destination, it will be easy for you to travel among the cities and stay as long as you want to enjoy the many delightful experiences ahead of you in Iran. 

Urials in Tandoureh National Park: Visit Our Iran