A new book, including chapters by several WTA members (Leah Burns, Rie Usui, Ronda Green), is to be released in December 2020


Wildlife Tourism Futures: Encounters with Wild, Captive and Artificial Animals

Edited by: Giovanna Bertella

“This book presents a series of possible future scenarios in wildlife and animal tourism by combining critical thinking and imagination to stimulate reflection and ways forward. The future of wildlife tourism faces uncertainties that revolve around many factors, including climate change, mass wildlife extinction, human population growth, deforestation, sustainability and ethical assumptions. For wildlife tourism to meet these challenges, new ways of thinking are necessary. The chapters in this volume focus on future wildlife tourism development and management; the experiential value, educational components and ethical relevance of tourism–animal encounters; and the technology applied to wildlife tourism. They offer critically-imagined futures in order to encourage readers to reflect on the possibility of shaping a better future. The book will appeal to researchers, students and practitioners in wildlife tourism, environmental studies, sustainability and conservation.”

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Chapter 1. Giovanna Bertella: Welcome to the Futures of Wildlife Tourism

Part 1: Paths Towards the Futures of Wildlife Tourism

Chapter 2. Qingming Cui: Wildlife Tourism in (Un)sustainable Futures

Chapter 3. Rie Usui and Carolin Funck: Rabbits in the Wild: Close Encounters on an Equal Footing?  

Chapter 4. Georgette Leah Burns and Judith Benz-Schwarzburg: Representing Wild Animals to Humans: The Ethical Future of Wildlife Tourism

Part 2: Human-Animal Encounters

Chapter 5. Jessica Bell Rizzolo: The Rise of Selfie Safaris and the Future(s) of Wildlife Tourism

Chapter 6. Ronda Green: The Future of Captive Wildlife: Useful and Enjoyable for Animals and Visitors?

Chapter 7. Gianna Moscardo: Promises and Pitfalls in the Future of Sustainable Wildlife Interpretation

Chapter 8. Giovanna Bertella: Interspecies Communication and Encounters with Orcas

Part 3: Technology Advancements

Chapter 9. Hindertje Hoarau-Heemstra and Anne-Mette Hjalager: Safeguarding Sustainable Futures for Marine Wildlife Tourism through Collaboration and Innovation: The Utopia of Whale-Watching

Chapter 10. Mikko Äijälä, Titta Jylkäs, Vésaal Rajab and Tytti Vuorikari: Designing Future Wildlife Tourism Experience: On Agency in Human-Sled Dog Encounters

Chapter 11. Daniel William Mackenzie Wright: The Future of Captive Animals and Tourism: The Zoo and Aquatic Cloning Centre 2070

Chapter 12. David Lusseau: Will Cryptogovernance save the Wildlife Tourism Commons?

Final Reflections

Chapter 13. Giovanna Bertella: Travel Notes, Postcards, Treasures and Dragons